An independent boutique

We’ve been creating made to order creations for 5 years

From Cotonou to San Francisco

Aline Dazogbo was born in Cotonou Benin and was raised in between France and west Africa. A citizen of the world, that’s how Aline describes herself. The versatility of her unique designs opened to her many doors not only into the fashion industry but also into stages, film and opera.

She started working on opening a whole closet to the world at the early age of 10 years old. Today she’s mixing styles inspired by glamour and chic she witnessed in Paris, Rio, London, Sydney, Montreal, New york, San Francisco or Caye Caulker…

At the age of 18,  she moved to Paris to pursue her passion for fashion and took classes at Esmod International. Double trained in fashion design and pattern making,  she specialized in stage costumes and graduated from Esmod Paris in 2005. She then took classes at Ecole Lessage, learning more than 40 haute couture embroideries techniques.

Flying with the wind that naturally leads her in 2009 to San Francisco, she opened her first store- Aline’s Closet-  in June 2010.


Locally Sourced & Organic Fibers

We are constantly buying and helping local businesses and organic farmers, with locally sourced materials.


My Love for Fashion is Forever

Aline’s Closet suggests a modern and multicultural collection of one-of-a-kind clothes and jewelry handmade right at the store or heart-fully handpicked from around the world. Aline considers fashion as an essential part of self-expression. The clothes we wear say something about the people we are and the choices that we make in life.  With her brand Aline embraces the expertise of haute couture design and craftsmanship, and claims the freedom of the bohemian spirit. The spirit and the importance of the individual – matching it with the well traveled, natural and ecofriendly materials. We want a closet that is sexy and fun, inspired by the global nomad, the divirsity of cultures and trends the world over.

Aline renamed and established her own brand A line in 2012 offering a made to order option in store, offering herself a new way to design and to her clients a new way to shop: the Made to order Rack was born !

The idea is to source locally, hand pick all materials to produce a handmade piece within 4 weeks according to the clients sizes, colors and fabrics requirements. She take measurements right at the store and the clients take part of the design process. The experience is as unique as the piece they get. In 2013 she have received the award of Best-dreamy dressmaker of the Bay. “I could never have dreamed of anything better….”

For you, we blend the modern with vintage, urban chic with a rustic ethnic piece and elegance with the everyday. We are comfortable on safari in Africa as walking the streets of 5th Avenue or hanging out in a cafe in Paris. A citizen of the world who does not feel the need to conform to trends, since she’s making them…

“I’m a citizen of the world who does not feel the need to conform to trends. Inspiration and beauty is all around : Make your own trends and mix things up !”

Aline Dazogbo